Ever wondered if you could check the current bandwidth that you are using straight from your menubar on Mac OS X? Here are two cool apps that could just do that: iStat menus and MenuMeters.

iStat menus

It is a freeware, so download it at http://islayer.com/apps/istatmenus/. Do remember to donate if you have a spare change!


MenuMeters is released under GNU GPL which means it is a completely free software. Unfortunately, the last update for this software was in January 25, 2006, a little over 3 years as of today's writing (2009).

However, if you are a proponent of open source and free software, you can download it at

Again, if you have a spare change, consider donating to the author of this software.


On to the next topic, the maker of iStat menus also has 2 different widgets for your Mac OS X dashboard.

i) iStat pro

Download it here at http://www.islayer.com/apps/istatpro/


ii) iStat nano

Download it here at http://www.islayer.com/apps/istatnano/


Happy tweaking your Mac OS X!!