From my previous post on getting A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth) on Win XP/Vista, there is another popular software called BlueSoleil that you can use.

However, I prefer the Toshiba bluetooth stack due to the fact that BlueSoleil does not seem to have the option to change A2DP streaming quality.

However, BlueSoleil is very user-friendly in terms of getting your Bluetooth equipment paired up. However, BlueSoleil is not free. The trial version of the software has plenty of limitations. If you are very good in web searching, there are copies of full version floating around for you to download for free. *Hint: torrent sites

As an example, sometimes your built-in laptop Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth USB dongle does not have the capability to support the high bandwidth required for high quality stereo bluetooth (A2DP). When it happens, the sound will be "cut-off" for a moment every few seconds/minutes to the point of my frustration.

With the Toshiba bluetooth stack, you have the option to change audio quality. To do so, you must have paired the A2DP-capable headphone. Then.

1) Go to
Bluetooth Settings
2) Right click the icon of your paired A2DP headphone and choose
3) Under Setting, you can choose a four options (Auto, High Quality, Standard, Low Quality) for
Sound Quality

The default setting is Auto. If your A2DP audio skips, you can try changing the quality level to Standard and the skipping should go away.


Download BlueSoleil