If you have used haoting.com to play asian (Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, English) music, you would realize that haoting.com only works fine with Internet Explorer (and Windows). If you are using Firefox on Windows, you will realize that the song will play, but it will not move down the list. Also if you are on Mac, you are in a tough luck since haoting.com uses Windows Media Player (WMP) to stream the music, and Microsoft no longer supports WMP for Mac.

So the only solution to keep enjoying asian music on your Firefox / Mac is to find a website that streams through flash. And I have found one such website!


99.cn is one of the many asian music streaming websites from China. It uses flash, so it will definitely work on any web browser that has Adobe Flash plugin!

Based on my observations, all those streaming websites have the same musc catalogs, if not almost the same.

Go ahead and enjoy your favorite asian music from 99.cn

Note: These music streaming websites from China might not have the proper licenses from artists to broadcast music. Please listen at your own risk.